• Contacts

    Associate Dean
    Prof Abbas Rajabifard

    Assistant Dean
    A/Prof Shanton Chang

    Assistant Dean
    A/Prof Ying Tan

  • Regional Strategy Groups
    ChinaProf David Shallcross
    IndiaProf Stephan Winter
    Middle EastDr Mohsen Kalantari
    Southeast AsiaA/Prof Shanton Chang
    Northeast Asia (Japan, S.Korea)Prof Tim Baldwin
    Latin AmericaDr Guillermo Narsilio
    Europe, USA, CanadaDr Angus Webb

    The regions identified will be reviewed annually to ensure that they are meeting changing requirements and priorities of both MSE and the University.
    We invite and encourage academic staff who have an interest in the region to participate.

  • More information

    MSE has seven Regional Strategy Groups (RSGs), tasked with developing more focused strategies for advancing MSE’s international engagement. The Regional Strategy Groups exist to facilitate engagement in line with the MSE2025 Strategy, in line with our MSE International Strategy which was recently developed as an overarching framework to guide, prioritise and coordinate international engagement activities for maximum strategic benefit.

    All international collaboration agreement proposals will go through the RSGs. Their key purpose is to highlight MSE's opportunities and strategies within each region, including:

    • Opportunities for recruitment of high calibre students into our programs (including RHD students)
    • Identification and endorsement of Exchange and Partnerships with key institutions, governments and industry within the Regions
    • Promoting greater understanding within MSE of the key issues for students from the Regions
    • Identifying research collaboration, consulting opportunities and funding in the Regions
    • Involvement in activities related to the region, such as outgoing visits from UoM and meeting with incoming delegations
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